Ep. 133 – Greatness Can Wait

The next-gen is here! Time for us to talk about PC gaming.

Tech/Hardware News:

Apple buys Kinect technology creator PrimeSense for $345 million

OCZ declares bankruptcy.

RIP Winamp.

Gaming News:


  • PS4 released. Day one sales top 1 miiilllion units! Muwahahaha (Dr. Evil voice)

  • New PS4 owners report Blue Light of Death?

  • Foxcon employees claim they sabotaged PS4 production

  • Twitch cracks down on “questionable” PS4 streams

  • Analog sticks wearing out.

  • PS4 with Vita bundles coming before Christmas.

  • Pro/Cons of Horizontal/Vertical mounting.


  • Xbox One released. Day one sales top 1 miiilllion units! Muwahaha (Dr. Evil voice)

  • Early adopters report Blu-ray drive failures.

  • Excessive profanity results in XBL bans

  • Xbox One thermal results.


  • Super Mario 3D World released

Steam Machines.

  • iBuyPower Steam Machine prototype shown.

MOGA Ace Power iPhone gamepad released

Batman Arkham Origins PC patch released. 3.1GB’s of patch.