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Ep. 106 – A Tale of CountZer0

I can't think of anything witty to put on this image. Just make up your own jokes.

Hey all! This episode, we’re joined by someone who you’ve not heard is quite some time. The original Widget alumni: CountZer0. Why you ask? Because he has written a children’s book. Fancy that… Topics this week include:

  • SOPA, PIPA proponents back down in Congress. Yea! The Internet wins!! Though both are merely delayed rather than cancelled.
  • Megaupload shut down, founders arrested in New Zealand at behest of U.S. agencies; Anonymous targets record labels, FBI, MPAA sites in response Link and Upload.to blocks US access to site.
  • Kim DotCom’s cars seized.
  • CES : Wireless TVLG 55″ OLED TV.  Project Fiona (aka more Razor Vaporware). 802.11acWaterproof phones.
  • No method of delivering true 4K content confirmed.
  • Apple intros iBooks 2, iBooks Author; proprietary ePub format locked down to only work on Apple gear and iBookstore
  • iPad 3 unveiling rumored for early February
  • Alienware intros X51 console-sized gaming computer starting at $700 Link
  • AMD Radeon 7950 card due by end of month.
  • iPhone 4s and iPad 2 untethered jailbreak finally released on IOS 5.01. XBMC 11 (Eden) beta working great on iOS touch screens now.
  • XBMC shown running on the Raspberry Pi.
  • Kodak files for chapter 11 bankruptcy.
  • X-Rangers spoof.
  • No official Steve Jobs doll for Dave. Tim provides alternative.
  • More poor PS Vita sales. Now down to 19,000 units sold in a week.
  • Bioshock infinite set to party like its 1999.
  • Cuttherope.ie brings Cut The Rope to HTML 5.

Plus some viewer mails to help keep you warm by the fire. Talk to you later!