It’s like a tech news show, only not.

The Widget is a weekly podcast featuring Tim (blueBomber), Zane (Filter) and Ryan (R-Type). We also invite guests to come onto the show, and take suggestions for topics that you, the audience, would like to hear about. Our conversations can go anywhere (and often do), and more often than not, hilarity ensues. Hit up the links below to make sure that you’re always up-to-date with the latest happenings with The Widget.

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feedback at thewidgetshow dot com

We’re also now on iTunes! Download the newest iTunes, then click on ‘Podcasts’ in the sidebar, and then click on ‘Podcast Directory’ in the bottom left. Do a search for ‘the widget’ and there we are.

You can add us into iTunes by going to ‘Advanced’ then to ‘Subscribe to Podcast’ and then entering the RSS feed above. Viola! Every episode delivered to you as we make them.

We’re also listed on Odeo, you can check out our feed and subscribe here.

Alright people, get out there and listen! Remember, podcasting is just a name, you don’t need an iPod to listen, any mp3 player or computer will work (or you could burn it to a cd). Plus, if you don’t want to use the RSS feed, download the mp3 file directly. But please, use this only if you really have to, the RSS feed is the preferred method. And don’t forget, your feedback is welcome. But don’t just tell us the show sucks, tell us why so we can try to change it. Thanks!

*The Widget is intended for mature audiences, so that means don’t let mom catch you listening to it*