Ep. 130 – Retirement, Retirement, Retirement

Gamescom 2013 has give us yet another round of punches between Sony and Microsoft, each trying to convince us that they are the next-gen king. Meanwhile, Nintendo stands in the corner looking sad. And from his mighty tower, Paul looks down on all of them with a jaded eye…

Tech/Hardware News:

Steve Ballmer announces retirement plans

Get your ‘Champagne Gold’ iPhone 5.

John Carmack joins Oculus VR as CTO

Wine-like emulator “Darling” runs OS X apps under Linux

Google & Microsoft have a lovers tiff over YouTube app.

Pirate Bay Browser released. Even in the Google Play Store.

Gaming News:

Microsoft Dreamcast 2

  • Major Nelson’s Xbox One unboxing reveals headset included after all (of course!)

  • Marc Whitten reveals Xbox One WILL work without Kinect

  • Europe gets a free digital copy of Fifa 14 with every pre-order.

  • 50 games listed for the console.

  • ID@Xbox for developer self publishing revealed.

  • Northern Europe, Russia won’t get Xbox One in 2013


  • PS4 launching in the US on Nov 15th and Europe on Nov 29th.

  • Remote play on the Vita demonstrated with Assassin’s Creed IV.

  • Minecraft comes to PS4 at launch and PS3 and Vita later.

  • $199 PS3 with no HD, 12GB flash.

  • Sony apologise for GTAV story leaks.

  • Hard life for Sony execs at game conferences.


  • nVidia & Ubisoft partner up for PC games.

  • Infinity Wards says COD Ghosts on PC looks the best.

  • PC gaming hardware not in decline like the overall industry.

  • Games for Windows Marketplace to close.

  • Origin Humble Bundle on last three days of sale.

  • IGN concerned about BF4 on PS4.


  • Pathetic quarterly Wii U sales of 160,000 units

Need for Speed Rivals runs at 30fps.


2 thoughts on “Ep. 130 – Retirement, Retirement, Retirement”

  1. Who torrents on the phone? Anyone who torrents, and travels a lot. If you download movies or TVs via torrents, and travel without a laptop, its a great option. Download vid, play in VLC for iphone. Granted, I’m jailbroken, but theres loads of uses for phone torrenting, and not just pirate uses.

  2. I $%#@ hate unboxings…and then some people like to title it “review”, so you end up watching it expecting a review. Showing me whats in a box is not a review, of whats in the box! It’s just showing me whats in the damn box!

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