Ep. 128 – We’re Watching You

Hello, NSA. We hope you enjoy the show. We know you’re big fans. The least you can do is email into the show and ask a question or two.Topic of the Week:


  • Microsoft collaborates with the NSA. Everything watched, read & filmed.
  • France does the same according to Le Monde.
  • Co-Founder of The Pirate Bay develops Hemlis. $100,000 raised in 36 hours.
  • You probably shouldn’t do this in public.


Tech/Hardware News:

Microsoft releases Windows 8.1 consumer preview.

Data storage development fits 1000TB on a 12cm optical disk.

Andscientists develop “5D” nano data storage on glass for 360TB on a dvd sized piece of glass.

Two major security flaws in Android discovered.

nVidia release the GTX 760.

Intel releases the haswell bases 4xxx series.

Logitech releases the Harmony hub for control of via IOS and Android.

BBC cancels 3D indefinitely.

Volkswagen show off 300mpg hybrid car, the VW XL1.


Gaming News:

Giantbomb’s Ryan Davis passes away aged 34.

Tweets on the day of his death :

@DavidEllis I’m on day three, I’ve gotten collectively maybe 10-12 hours. It’s not like I’m gonna die, but C’MON. VACATION.

Don Mattrick out at Microsoft. Goes to Zynga. All about the money, money, money.

Ballmer reorganizes at Microsoft. Former Windows boss Julie Larson-Green now in charge of not only the XBox division, but all hardware, game devices, and entertainment.

Microsoft mixed messaging and online petitions to return Xbox One features.

Microsoft touting Xbox One business features.

Nintendo officially cancels the vitality sensor.

Ouya finally releases.

GTA V gameplay video revealed.

The game every girl (and Dave) has been waiting for.

Deus Ex for iOS gimped on jailbroken devices… But Square Enix caves and now says they will remove the restriction.

Oh yeah, the Steam Sale started.

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