Ep. 126 – Putting TV In Your TV

The next-gen war has officially started. Let the rampant fan wars commence! So with all the major console manufacturers tipping their hands prior to E3, we now know what to expect… sort of. I mean, you wanted to watch sports through your XBox One, right?

Topic of the Week:

Watching TV is the new video game craze

Tech/Hardware News:

Seiki bring 50” 4K plasma TV to the US for $1500.

Blackberry opening up BBM to Android & IOS.

Porn app in the works for Google Glass.

Samsung develop mobile 5G gigabit.

First 3D printer made gun fired in the US.

nVidia launch the GTX 780 3GB ($650/£560) and GTX 770 2GB ($400/£350) graphics cards. Shield comes in June for $350.

Intel launch the 4770K (Haswell $350) with HD 4600 IGP and Z87 (LGA1150) motherboard.

Microsoft launch Surface Pro for $1000/£719.

Windows 8.1 brings back the Start button. Of sorts.

AceTrax digital download source to close.

Razer announces the Blade 14” gaming laptop. Packing some decent specs in a ridiculously small form factor. Tim is smitten with it.

Gaming News:

Xbox One Reveal – Holy shit… And we thought the PS4 event was bad

  • No CPU/GPU specs, but it does have 50 kagillion transistors!

  • No price announced

  • No major gameplay reveals

  • Giant fucking spy camera… er, Kinect 2 required for Xbox One to work

  • And speaking of giant, Xbox One is about the size of a 1970s VCR

  • Internet connection required… um, sort of… but not all the time… WTF?

  • Mandatory game installs to 500 GB non-removable HD

  • Used game situation still unclear

  • When pressed on the issue of requiring internet “check-ins” for deployed military, Microsoft waffled and said “we’ll figure something out”

Bad news for Nintendo as 3DS appears to have been hacked.

Industry legend Warren Spector cautions “Underestimate Nintendo at your peril”

Oculus Rift dev kits released. Gamejam develop a guillotine demo. Inventor and co-founder Andrew Reisse killed on June 1st hit-and-run.

New Sonic arcade game wants to see how fast you are.

Sonic 1 IOS updated to 2.0.

Unreal Engine 3 ported to HTML 5.

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