Ep. 125 – The Funder(wear) From Down Under

Since he was such a great guest, mainly because he actually upped the quality of the show, we’ve asked OobieJosh to join us again for a wonderful discussion about tragedy, hardware, and vibrating underpants.

Tech and the Boston Bombing:

  • The Good : Reddit and 4Chan actively searched for the culprits.
  • The Bad : Internet wrongly targets a man.

Tech/Hardware News:

Gaming News:

  • $99 ‘Codename Stingray’ Xbox 360 on the way.
  • Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro XL exists.
  • A Link to the Past 2 coming to 3DS and New Super Luigi DLC and Earthbound (SNES re-release) for Wii-U.
  • Leaked NPD stats reveal poor Wii-U, Vita sales numbers in U.S.
  • Ouya 3DMark benchmark shows how behind it really is.
  • An accountant creates a full RPG in Microsoft Excel.
  • The Sega Pluto exists.

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