Ep. 121 – More Guests

We’re just guest crazy these days. This time, we’re joined by the legendary Owbie… no… Ewwbie… that’s not it… Ah! OobieJosh. As it turns out; he’s a damn good guest host. Certainly lives up to the hype. Show notes below.

Tech/Hardware News:

4K/8K TV’s at CES. Porsche shows off the worlds largest TV.

4K UHD vs 1080P and High Efficiency Video Coding.



  • Ultrabook specification changed for Windows 8.
  • Haswell graphics beats an nVidia GT650M.
  • Haswell expected to launch on June 2nd.
  • PC market continues to fall and Logitech pulls out of making gaming peripherals.


Apples share price takes a kicking.

Tactus Technology shows off its tactile touch screen.

Sony launches world’s thinnest tablet.

Firefox phones comes in two varieties.

VIA announces challenger to the Raspberry Pi.

GCW shows off another kickstarter console.

Kim Dot Com launches new site called Mega.

Blockbuster follows lots of other high street stores in the UK by going into administration.

StickNFind Bluetooth 4.0 stickers available for preorder.

Gaming News:

Console rumour overdrive:

Nintendo finally reveals new stuff.

THQ assets are dissolved.

Xbox Live Arcade titles come to Windows 8 and RT.

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