Ep. 119 – Suddenly… Guests

Welcome to the last show of 2012! The usual gang of Widget misanthropes are joined by special guest “The Avian”, and his nickname doesn’t have as cool a story attached to it as one might have hoped. Show notes:

Tech/Hardware News:

Google Maps returns to iOS. Downloaded 10 million times in two days.

Wanting more than two Apple products gets you tasered.

All your picture base are belong to Instagram.

Intel’s ‘Haswell’ CPU release schedule leaked.

Intel NUC launched.

Cisco to ditch Linksys.

Western Digital to bring 5TB hard drives in 2013.

Sony to ship 4K TV with 4K content.

Gravity Light project.

nVidia announces Geforce Experience as Valve confirms the “Steam Box”. Also announces the Game Guides beta.

Gaming News:

Wii U Released. Hardware specs finally revealed. Wii Mini also launched in Canada.

Neo Geo X released. It’s everything you should have expected.

VGA Awards 2012 announced.

Bioshock Infinite delayed again.

Dark Souls 2 announced with trailer. Dark Souls 1 speedrun in under a half hour.

THQ files for bankruptcy.

Epic Games shedding more and more key staff.

Wasteland 2 developers crowd-sourcing game assets

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