Ep. 117 – Not Two Hours Long

I’m pleased to say that we actually managed to record a short show when we said we would. Crazy, I know. Lots of great info in here, and of course, Paul is miserably hungover. Apple maps apology, Paul’s Resident Evil 6 review, and how you can use Facebook to grief on your friends for the low cost of $7 per status update. Show notes below.

Tech/Hardware News:


Log into iCloud and it still uses Google maps.

iPhone 5 problems rounded up.

Btw, you are using the camera wrong.

iPad mini surely on the verge of being announced.

Extending SoC hardware development.

Duo Gamer and Duo Pinball controllers certified by Apple.

Ban on Samsung Galaxy Tab lifted in the US.

AMD launches first desktop Trinity APU. Add faster ram and take the benefits of high fps.

Sharp producing 1080p 443ppi mobile displays.

Steam launches software sales.

Facebook hits 1 billion monthly users.
Time to pay to promote your status updates.

Porn comes to the Xbox 360.

Nasa’s curisoity rover becomes mayor of Mars.

Gaming News:

Resident Evil 6…..oh Resident Evil what have you done. Also, WTH PR event. Ships 4.5 million copies of the game.

Clifford B quits Epic.

Fifa 13 sales records.

First free-to-play game comes to Xbox 360.

Nintendo puts more games for sale on the e-Store.

Project Cars – Funding for the game is raised entirely by the community and the developers themselves.

OpenPandora 1Ghz edition is amazing but hella expensive.

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