Ep. 116 – iPhone 5 Is Alive

Hey folks. First: let me apologize for the audio version of this running about a week behind release of the video. However, now would be a great time to remind everyone that we now record the show LIVE on our YouTube channel, so if you don’t feel like waiting, or just love seeing our faces, that’s the place to get your Widget fix in the mostly timely manner. Sometimes RL just doesn’t understand that I have a show to get out! Anywho, lots of great stuff here, especially if you’re a giant iPhone (or phone nerd in general). If not though, you may just want to skip till about an hour in. I’m just sayin… Oh, and to check out the sweet video of the official Widget Show rally car, click the link to read on (show notes follow the video).

Be sure to check out more of Devon’s rallycross videos on his YouTube channel! Thanks again, Devon for the support (and for understanding that Tim is a giant failure at keeping promises). On with the show notes!


  • iPhone 5 is out
    • Fanboy Paul posts unboxing video (to keep those google monies coming in).
    • Benchmarks show it is the fastest smartphone out there currently.
    • Doesn’t do too badly in drop tests either.
    • Lightning adapter causes quite the fuss.
  • iOS 6 is out and hits 15% IOS penetrationin 24 hours.
    • Internet explodes with Apple Maps hate.
  • New iPods coming in Oct.
    • Some upset that the nano moves away from the watch style form factor.
  • Seeking Samsung US sales ban and $707 million more in damages.
  • Wins patent for the word ‘Podcasting’.
  • In the wars with John McClane. (aka “Die Hard with an iTunes Account”)


  • Announces the Kindle Fire HD.
  • Wall-Mart decides to stop stocking Kindles in favour of Apple products.

Intel IDF 2012

  • Haswell does what Ivybridge does using 10w less power.
  • Future of wireless is the 802.11ad 60hz spectrum.
  • Introduces the NUC (Next Unit of Computing).


  • How far mainstream graphic cards have come in just four years.
  • nVidia thinks the next gen consoles will be the last.

Gaming News:


  • Wii-U hardware specs revealed but some devs point to slow CPU as an achilles heal. No hard drive but does support up to 3TB of external space through USB.
  • Wii-U prices and release dates announced.
  • Wii-U will have no two player tablet games at launch. Extra tablet could cost up to $150.
  • Results of the #WidgetStrawPoll– Will you be buying a Wii-U?
    • No (10)
    • Someday (6)
    • Launch Day (3)
  • First pics of the 3DS Circle Mahoooosive Pad Pro appear.


  • Introduces PS3 Super Slim in 250GB and 500GB flavours.
  • Europeans get a version with 12GB of flash memory.


  • Releases the ‘Big Picture’ update.
  • Project Greenlight starts, stops, introduces $100 entrance fee and starts again. First ten games submitted.
  • More listings pointing to Valve entering the hardware industry.

Bioware co-founders retire from the gaming industry.

iControlPad 2 relying on a kickstarter to get going.

Black Mesa released (up until Zen for now)

Ubisoft removes PC games always online DRM, even after stating 95% of PC games are pirated.

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