Ep. 115 – Oppa Gundam Style

Using any opportunity to cash-in on the latest dance craze, The Widget team is hoping to piggyback on the success of a certain K-Pop song. That being said, thanks to a technical snafu, the video of this episode is actually broken into two parts. The first one is up above, and the second one can be found after the ‘Continue Reading’ link. Alternatively, you could just subscribe to our YouTube channel and never miss another episode. I’m just saying…

Industry in Crisis.

Onlive files for bankruptcy to shaft creditors and shareholders. Massively in debt. Now owned by Lauder Partners.

HTC loses $40 Million.

Dell sees 8% fall in PC sales this quarter. Expects more next quarter too.

Ubisoft thinks 90% of PC games are pirated.

Sony closes Studio Liverpool, aka Psygnosis.

Sony PS Vita only sold 2.2 Million so far. No price cut yet.

Popcap studio’s job losses. PvZ2 announced as creator is laid off.

Industry in Change.

EA’s VP – Adapt or become irrelevant.

Charles Cecil looking to kickstarter for the next Broken Sword.

Steam ‘Big Picture’ mode to hit beta in September

Nintendo Power Magazine to close.

Game’s flagship London store to close.

EA predicts death of high street stores within 10 years.

EA states 3D is dead.

EA for sale?

Tech/Hardware News:

Now officially the richest company ever in US history.
Beats the shit out of Samsung in court. Samsung ordered to pay 1.2 BILLION dollars in damages for patent violations.
Apple stock reaches highest ever position. When will Carolyn sell sell sell. 🙂

Changes logo for the fist time in 25 years.
Windows RT Surface to launch for $199?
Windows 8 upgrade registration begins.

nVidia launches the mainstream GTX 660 Ti. AMD drops prices again.

AMD releases the 7950B and alienates original 7950 owners.

IEEE 1tbps ethernet standard by 2015.

2.5” hard disks to slim to 5mm to enter the ultrabook market.

Facebook shares dip below half of original value.

Gaming News:


Own’s Japan in hardware and software sales.

Wii-U price set to be released on September 13th. Talk of manufacturing problems with the gamepad.

New SMB2 E-Shop accounts for 5% of sales. Price explains why.


Introduce cross-buy for PS3/PSV games.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Declassified for Vita maybe isn’t all that afterall.

Microsoft drops the price of the Kinect.

$200 Neo-Geo X to arrive in December with 20 games.

Day-Z, the biggest selling game of the summer.

Dark Souls launches on the PC with a fixed resolution of 1024×720. Modders to the rescue.

Australia finally welcomes in 18+ games.

Primal Carnage promises to be everything all the Jurassic Park games should have been.

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