Ep. 114 – The Men with the Hats

After being delayed because Paul was off at yet another bachelor party, and then another week because Tim was lazy/sick, at long last here’s the audio release of the latest show. Lots of interesting stuff discussed this time, even Tim was able to concentrate on the show for a little bit before diving off into Laserdisc arcade game land. Hit the jump for the show links/notes.

Tech/Hardware News:


Windows 8 Pro & Enterprise RTM leaked.

Metro name no more.

Launches new W8 keyboard and mouse. Spo the influence.

Gabe Newell hates Windows 8. Steam for Linux on the way.

Blizzard hates Windows 8.

Notch hates Windows 8.

Xbox Windows brand announced with achievements.

Outlook.com to take over Hotmail.com


Fibre to launch in Kansas first.

Indefinitely delays Nexus-Q launch, promises free Nexus-Q to all pre-orderers.

Android 4.0 ICS to come to Raspberry Pi.

Next iPhone images leaking.

Apple drops YouTube app from latest iOS6 beta. Google making standalone app.

Amazon Instant Video app for iPad released.

Apple admits it is not virus proof.

Intel’s Haswell chip to be faster in both computation and 3D stakes over Ivybridge.

Samsung officially announces the Galaxy Note 10.1.

Demonoid bites the dust.

Facebook share price sliding massively.

Curiosity rover lands on Mars powered by PowerPC G3 processor

Happy 30th birthday to the Commodore C64.

nVidia posts quarterly profits based on the Tegra 3 chipset. 3->4 million Nexus 7’s ordered already.

Gaming News:


kickstarter campaign nets $8.6 million.

Onlive streaming to be available at launch

XBMC support.

Vevo music support.

Namco in talks to support.

Pre-Order now.

John Carmack apologies for Rage on the PC.
JC rules out Linux as a viable gaming alternative.
JC endorses the Oculus Rift project.
ID giving up on mobile gaming and concentrating on Doom 3 BFG Edition and Doom 4.


To begin offering non-gaming software.

Big picture project still ongoing.

Updates EULA to avoid class action lawsuits.

Nintendo drops the price of the 3DS XL by £5 and offers a free game, two weeks after launch.

Blizzard’s Battle.net hacked.

GRiD 2 on the way. Griefing ahoy.

Rise of the Triad returns.

Samsung to offer streaming gaming services direct to the TV with Gaikai.

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