Ep. 112 – Widget Live Beta 2.5

The Widget: Games, Tech, Whatever… NOW IN COLOR!

Our giant debut live video show thing. We apologize in advance for shattering anyone’s dreams about what we look like.

Show notes below.

Tech/Hardware News:

Apple (WWDC):

  • iOS 6 Previewed
  • MBP w/Retina Display
  • Apple releases dedicated Podcast app for iOS
  • Chinese iPad trademark suit settled for $60 million
  • First App Store malware found.

Google (IO 2012):

  • Nexus Q media hub (for $299!?)
  • Nexus7 7” tablet running Android 4.1
  • Project Glass Demonstration
  • Chrome hits iOS.
  • Google Drive hits over 10 million users.

Microsoft (Surface Announcement):

  • Surface tablet. Bill Gates gives it the thumbs up but HP reportedly dumps plans for Win RT tablet following Surface announcement. MS believe tablets will outsell PC’s in 2013.
  • Windows Phone 8

  • Windows 8 early upgrade pricing at $40 for download, $70 for media.
  • No Small Business of Home Server versions of Windows Server 2012.


  • Record quarterly profits of £3.8 Billion/$5.9 Billion for Samsung and now the worlds biggest smartphone manufacturer. As a consequence HTC suffers. Rumours of Amazon about to enter the smartphone market too.

Patent Wars – Who cares anymore.

  • Galaxy Nexus pulled off the market due to copyright claim from Apple. Then it comes back, but Google unsure for how long.


  • 7970 Gigahertz Edition Released. Fastest single GPU card available but there is a reason why.


  • Colorful planning a passively cooled GTX 680. Craziness!


  • Pulls the plug on Flash for mobile.


  • Firefox OS (Boot2Gecko) to release in 2013 for mobile phones
  • Ceases all development on the Thunderbird mail client.

EU Court Rulings

  • ACTA anti-piracy agreement denied by EU.
  • EU rules in favour of UsedSoft in case of reselling Oracle digital licences.

Gaming News:

Nintendo announces 3DS XXXL; Circle Pad Pro (massive edition) coming as well.

Nintendo Wii-U tech specs.

Sony purchases Gaikai for $380 million after seeing Bulletstorm on the Google Chromebox at IO 2012.

Microsoft Xbox 8?

Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC arrives.

Nights HD to arrive in the fall.

2 thoughts on “Ep. 112 – Widget Live Beta 2.5”

  1. funny show good to see the faces that go with the voice, and cool u kept the option of mp3 podcast, keep up the fun podcasts guyz

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