Ep. 110 – Not The Longest Show Ever

Dave and Jorge go shopping for their new "high-end" television...

Great time to build a new gaming PC, or greatest time to build a new gaming PC? The GeForce 670 is amazing, Ivy Bridge is living up to the hype, and hard drive prices are finally coming back down to Earth. How long can Tim hold out?!? Guess we’ll have to see…

Tech/Hardware News:

Negative reaction to Peter Jackson’s 48 fps Hobbit trailer at CinemaCon. Bring on the soap opera effect.

nVidia Launches the GTX 690 and the GTX 670

System builders not happy with Ivybridge. TIM found inside Ivybridge chips.

Netgear to launch first 802.11ac router.

Samsung Galaxy S3 launched.

Revised iPad 2 gives better battery life.

Google Drive launches.

Net neutrality changing. Pirate Bay blocked by UK ISP’s and Dutch look to follow.

Benedict Cumberbatch to play Khan in ST 2?!?

Gaming News:

Nintendo posts first annual loss ($533 million) in company history

Wii-U launch line up leak and Ubisoft Rayman Wii-U video leak.

Sony has sold 1.8 Million PS Vita’s.

XBLA records being broken by Trials and Minecraft.

Bioshock Infinite delayed to 2013

MS to offer $99 Xbox 360 (4GB Kinect) with 2-year Live Gold commitment at $15/month

Microsoft looking to take control of fitness games.

More advertising coming to Xbox dashboard.

Wolfenstein 3D is 20 and now playable in HTML 5.

Plus: viewer mail!

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