Ep. 107 – Greybush Threepwood

Dave dreams of running away from it all and becoming a pirate
Dave dreams of running away from it all and becoming a pirate

Tech/Hardware News:

  • Facebook IPO. Graffiti artist is gonna cash in.
  • AMD 7950 Launched. In tests the overclocked 7950 matches the more expensive stock 7970.
  • Intel Ivybridge 22nm chips to arrive in April. (Sandybridge was 32nm).
  • GlobalFoundries announce preparation for 14nm wafer processing.
  • Kinect for Windows launched for $249. Asus testing Kinect built straight into laptops.
  • Xbox 720 Rumors – To use an AMD 6670 GPU, Blu-Ray equipped, no used games, bundled with Kinect 2, no new Xbox in 2012
  • Boxee pulls the plug on PC client
  • Google “Bouncer” scanning Android Marketplace for malware Link. And yet, Symantec says trojans still rampant Link
  • New York Times article rips Apple for Chinese factory conditions Link

Gaming News:

  • Are you affected by a Resident Evil spelling mistake? If so, contact Capcom.
  • EA’s Kingdoms of Amalur locks portions of single-player game behind online pass
  • Dumb politics: Oklahoma lawmaker proposes tax on all video games with T or M rating. Link
  • Dodonpachi Blissful Death hits iOS next week. Time for Tim to get his iPad charged and ready.
  • Aliens Collonial Marines trailer is pretty sweet.

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