Ep. 101 – Goodbye, Steve

Thanks for everything, Steve. (image credit: Jonathan Mak)

I figured it’s fairly obvious what the major topic for this episode is, so I’ll skip any lengthy write-up and just list everything else we cover.

  • iPhone 4s announced. People whine, then buy it.
  • iOS5 is imminent, bringing with it everything Android 1.6 had
  • Amazon announces new line of Kindles. Mucho sexy.
  • Samsung delays the Nexus Prime launch in “honor of Steve Jobs”. Pfft…
  • Rage is definitely a remarkably average game

Little bit of Viewer Mail in there too. Talk to you soon!

4 thoughts on “Ep. 101 – Goodbye, Steve”

  1. Is there a link anywhere for this magic chinese upscaler? Sounds like exactly the sort of thing I’ve been looking for.

  2. Let me make a bold prediction: The PS Vita will be doing just fine. While everyone keeps predicting the demise of the dedicated mobile gaming device, current PSP-owners are usually interested in, if not downright excited for an upgrade.

    It will not be the last one. A toy is a toy, and not a phone. That’s how parents think, especially around Christmas and birthdays. And there are still very few parents how buy iPhones for their 12 year old kids.

    And while gaming on my phone is a nice timekiller, I’m reluctant to play games on my mobile connection to the world in general, as long as battery life is still an issue.

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