Ep. 98 – You Young Whippersnappers

Ah, retirement. Days spent down by the swimming hole... talking tech... naked...

In this episode, we spend a bit of time going over the various things like: Battlefield 3 not coming to Steam, MS-DOS turning 30 (or it’s now 30 years old), big-ass SSDs, the 3DS price drop (or how Paul is a sucker), and other things. However, we also go off on a pretty good tangent about the good old days. Back when men were men, and games were smaller. See? This is what happens when you get older. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Ep. 98 – You Young Whippersnappers”

  1. Next step for Apple TV is not adding a display. Seems like the next evolution would be as a game console. Not much would be needed to do this. Amp up the hardware. Use an unmodified IOS. Well designed controller. Instant gaming console.

  2. As an old git it’s always nice to hear a little tech and gaming nostalgia, so this episode was better than average for me. (It also had a lower than average Apple content, which may be bad for my five-a-day quota, but it’s good for my irrational Jobsphobia.)

    Sometimes I wonder how much more dynamic and productive my life might have been if I hadn’t read my boss’s copy of PC Zone(UK) back in ’93. A preview of IndyCar Racing caught my eye, followed by one for the flight sim Tornado. Shortly after that I cleared out my savings and bought a PC… which I immediately had to upgrade because 2MB of RAM just wasn’t enough.

    Some things never change.

    Anyway, it was nice to hear some Widget lurve for Papyrus and IndyCar Racing. Many from that original team are now working on the iRacing project, which is ridiculously serious, stupidly expensive (in gaming terms), and annoyingly addictive. I swear it’s the most frustrating and yet satisfying sim experience I’ve ever had, and I regularly alternate between wanting to have its babies and rage quitting.

    Still, at least I can get frustrated in ultra-wide Eyefinity mode now rather than at 320×240 on a 14″ CRT. Having said that, I’ve just spent longer than I care to admit watching a pixelated IndyCar Racing movie on YouTube. Suddenly it doesn’t seem like ten minutes ago, let alone almost 20 years.

    Nostalgia eh, there ought to be a law against it. Then I might actually get some work done for a change… though nowhere near as much as if I’d never bought that first PC! 🙂

    Thanks for another good show guys.

    PS If anyone gets really bored (unlikely, I agree, in this day and age), this is something I put together recently to try and capture the iRacing experience…


    It doesn’t capture the pain my credit card has felt though, nor the frustration of waiting up to two hours for a race only to get wrecked in the first turn. But that, as they say is racing. No pain, no gain, as they also say. He who dares, wins, they might add.

    Yes, well… they say many things. I just swear a lot.

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