Ep. 97 – Every Key Is An A##hole

Don't be fooled; this kitten is only here as an apology for the horrors in this episode.

Paul and Tim are tired, as they both have to work very hard for a living. Dave on the other hand is a gentleman of leisure, and simply rakes in the cash from his vast patent portfolio of edible underwear and novelty condoms. Topics:

  • Mac OS X Lion is out (and Tim foolishly installed it day one)
  • Obligatory new Apple hardware talk
  • Microsoft wants to have Linux’s babies
  • Yahoo is the leper of the Intertubes
  • Zotac has some sexy new mini ITX motherboards coming out
  • The graphics card race could be heating up soon
  • Viewer Mail

On Internet.

4 thoughts on “Ep. 97 – Every Key Is An A##hole”

  1. Mechanical switch keyboards are without doubt the best thing any geek could ever own. IBM created perfection when they created the model M but if you want something new I use a Das Keyboard, its so well made you could beat a man to death with it, then plug it back in and get back to work.

    If any of you guys get a Das Keyboard buy the all black, as by now you shouldn’t need to look down http://www.daskeyboard.com/

  2. > Mechanical switch keyboards are without doubt the best
    > thing any geek could ever own.

    I used to think I’d never use anything other than a mechanical keyboard. But then I accidentally bought a Cherry low profile, laptop style keyboard. At first touch I hated it… I needed more travel. But I very quickly adjusted, and now when I switch back to what I used to consider superior style keyboards I’m a bit lost. My new tactile finger friend seems to encourage a gentler, quieter, and more fluid form of manual message massage.

    Sadly it still doesn’t stop me typing crap. 😉

    I sort of want to be wrong, and maybe a Das would bring me back to the Light Side, but I’ll never find out because I’m way too tight to spend that kind of cash on a keyboard… no matter how important input devices are. I’d only give it a coffee bath at some point and kill it.

    PS Another entertaining show guys, thanks.

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