Ep. 96 – It’s All About The Circles

I for one welcome our new web search powered overlords. Plus One!

I love how Paul always manages to go on one of his drinking benders the day before we record a show. I mean it: it’s gold! It makes me happy to know that Dave and I have somehow contributed to his hangover being even worse. Topics:

  • Google+ is the new cool kid place
  • Tim wants everyone to stop using social media and get back to forums
  • AMD debuts their impressive new A-Series chips
  • An AMD Bulldozer engineer sample gets OC’d to 5.1ghz on air
  • Bioshock Infinite trailer is over 9000 sexy
  • Battlefield 3 no-go to Steam
  • King of Fighters XIII gets an unofficial PC release in the form of a hacked arcade dump
  • Viewer Mail and much more
Oh, and for those wondering: No, I did not say “we’ll touch you later” at the end of the show (no matter how much it sounds like I did).


2 thoughts on “Ep. 96 – It’s All About The Circles”

  1. Good show Guys! 3 more episodes until the big 100th episode blow out where Explosions and strippers with all the technological goodness we all love!

  2. Cheers guys, fun show!

    I’ve had my Samsung Galaxy S2 for a few days now and it is freakin awesome.

    The only thing I changed straight away was dumping Samsung Touchwiz in favour of LauncherPro as my “home screen” app. I’m pretty sure its root’able, custom ROMs are available and its overclockable too – good times ahead!

    re: google+
    I never stopped using forums, screw social networks they suck donkeys cock!

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