Ep. 95 – Two Hours of Nothing

Nothing to do
The irony of how we "have nothing to talk about" for hours doesn't escape us.

A little behind-the-scenes secret: most of the time, our “show doc” is slapped together an hour before we hit record. Generally, this is accompanied with an email being sent the day before saying “we don’t really have anything to talk about”. Of course, when we actually do the show, we end up blathering on for two hours. Just wanted to share. This week:

  • LulzSec, LulzSec, LulzSec
  • Team Fortress 2 is free forever
  • Crysis 2 goes DirectX 11
  • Sonic the Hedgehog turns 20
  • Viewer Mail!
  • Dave sounds bored

3 thoughts on “Ep. 95 – Two Hours of Nothing”

  1. Good show guys, another interesting show. The UK census getting leaked in full would be a pain but you can buy the UK Info disk which is what debt collectors use to track people down.

    There is so much information on the UK public up for sale if you want to find someone or fuck with them its not hard.

  2. I can not believe non of you came up with the obvious solution for Tim’s gaming problem – Kinect!
    Your malfunctioning hand is not needed because “You are the controller!” Who needs thumps and precise finger movement if you can use your whole body to control the game?
    It’s perfect!

    Hahaha! Snork! *Falls off chair*

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