Ep. 94 – EWWDC3 1138 2011

spy shot of the upcoming iPhone 5
Dave dreams of the day where Apple controls your every thought and movement...

Yes, this is the obligatory E3 and WWDC 2011 episode. Yes, it is very long… and so is the show. We also cover Duke Nukem Forever. Yes, it’s very average… and so is… wait, that’s not right…

Viewer mail aplenty and the usual goings on and shenanigans.

3 thoughts on “Ep. 94 – EWWDC3 1138 2011”

  1. Dave – I had almost 50 friend invites in XBL after the update, plus some creepy “are you a girl” messages along with them. Tim didn’t have any. Not sure if I should be flattered or not.

  2. Glad I wasn’t the only one :-D. I went in and changed a bunch of the profile visibility settings and that seemed to stop it.

  3. Hey boys,

    don’t be too proud of the Technological T3RR0R you’ve created here in The Widget Show. That is, until you class the joint up a bit and get some damn product up for sale.

    Widgetware Now!

    Your fans demand it! We need some damn T-Shirts, Lunchboxes, Can Cozys, Mousepads and dare I say it:

    A Widget Show Thong-of-the-Month-Club where your loyal fans can display their allegiance to you and let their Freak Flags Fly.

    I for one would do my damndest to
    Stuff My Midget In My Widgetware!

    Might I suggest before you guys start handing each other another congratulatory reach-a-round as I’ve given you a gdamn dependable revenue stream here that you put some damn thought into this and get the sizing done correctly.

    We’re not all SuperModelCommandibatorTimThin. Some of us are real men…with real needs and superbly crafted packages.

    Might I suggest your T-Shirt Line in sizes from S-5X! Daddy looks good in a big ass T shirt. And don’t skimp on the arms! These guns are of the 50 Cal variety your momma’s been dreamin’ about. On second thought, don’t sweat the arms, I’m gonna Mod My T first chance I get anyway. Goin’ redneck-maybe cut the sleeves clean off like your momma likes em…just in time for the Minnesota State Fair.

    Can you see it now? All of Geekdom donning Widgetware at the Fair & beyond?

    I’ll see your ass at Microcenter Milfhunting that new BullDzr Motherboard.

    Gdamn it. Now you done it. Gone and made me cry again.
    God Bless, God Speed & Happy Gdm 4th of July!


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