Ep. 93 – Mac OS Retribution

Dead iMac
Mac malware. Everyone knew it was coming... Well, maybe not Dave.

It’s a pre-E3 show, but unlike the rest of the planet, we don’t whine about how there’s nothing to talk about. Here goes:

  • The honeymoon is over; malware hits the Mac hard.
  • Sony seriously can’t catch a break, but neither can a lot of game companies it seems.
  • Google Wallet. No thanks.
  • The Vita? C’mon man…
  • Modern Warfare 3 struts its stuff. Sorry console kids: that’s PC footage.

Good bit of viewer mail, and we finally checked our iTunes comments (thanks, Mark!). See you in the glorious post-E3 world.

2 thoughts on “Ep. 93 – Mac OS Retribution”

  1. Don’t shrug away e-wallets. They’re coming. Broad adoption will take years, but this is coming. I can’t wait for when the wallet is obsolete. Also your smart device will do away with keys. All you will need is your handheld when you leave in the morning. This means cargo pants will be obsolete. *sob*

  2. I cant believe you guys have not completed Uncharted 2 yet, it takes everything that was good about #1 and makes them bigger and better! sort it gents!

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