Ep. 92 – Of Playstation and Politics

playstation network outage
Uh oh... looks like Sony's crack security detail is asleep on the job again...

Feel the bitter sting of the Monarch! Actually, the bitter sting of many a PSN user (including all of us) being more than a fair bit upset about the current Playstation Network debacle. But who has time to worry about it when Paul has to endlessly grief on Tim about his recent nuptials? Plus: Google IO brought some yawns, and Skype is about to get muddacluckling PAID! Dave, as per usual, is the energy of the party (especially when Tim gets an Apple fact wrong). Also: politics, and a great example of why we NEVER talk about them. The cherry on top is of course the Viewer Mail segment. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Ep. 92 – Of Playstation and Politics”

  1. Celebrity drama? C’mon Tim, I’m sure there’s weirdos, sharpening their machetes in front of their celebrity shrine right now, but I don’t think you got that kind of listener.

    I didn’t want to encourage Paul, but a wedding podcast would have been totally appropriate.

    *scrtching* *scrtching*

  2. Guess who’s back… back again?? Deadleys back, tell a friend!

    My first podcast listen in what seems like an absolute age! only one comment…

    Is Dave on a list? banned from being within 50 ft of play parks? if not, he should be for his love of all things child related! Rango?!?! Pokemon?!?! Lego Games?!?

    As a parent (yes scary I know) I am genuinely worried 😉

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