Ep. 90 – Death Laser Eye Care

Goldfinger death laser
"So you see, Paul: it's a simple and painless procedure..."

Feeling the effects of getting older, Paul has decided to take the step of getting his eyes cut open with lasers so he no longer needs glasses. He is (as anyone would be) slightly nervous about the whole thing, even though Dave had a similar procedure performed years before it was deemed “safe” by the medical community. Even with the disturbing and perverted side-effects, he still claims it was worth it. So, the show:

  • Sony gets hax0red, execs are targeted
  • Grandma killed the Internet
  • Tim is arcade stick crazy (again)
  • Nvidia is allowing SLI on AMD chips again
  • Minecraft has made more money than some small countries
  • Crysis 2’s consolization is more dire than we first thought

7 thoughts on “Ep. 90 – Death Laser Eye Care”

  1. valve kinda started the whole viral thing for minecraft by blogging by it. They already tried to head hunt him but he formed mojang instead.

  2. Good episode guys. Your friend was probably downloading the Anarchist Cookbook (downloads are tracked now along with a few other books), which is old as fucking time (well 70’s) everyone use to have a copy of it back in the BBS and early days of the internet. Technically your friend could be charged under section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000 for possession of terrorist materials.

    The US legal system is quite different to the UK system, arguably the US system is much more corrupt as the US government are in the pocket of big business, plus the underlying laws are different.

    The UK police don’t really care about intellectual property unless the property owner is pushing, and they don’t pass on data to other departments unless requested to.

    As for recovering data, yep, even if you smash the platters of your hdd with a hammer, its technically posable to recover some data, although at that point you would have really had to piss someone off or do something really bad for them to invest the amount of time and money it takes to recover data.

    If you overwrite the data multiple times to department of defense data wiping standards whatever they might recover would be unlikely to help secure a conviction as it could be argued that the data had been tampered with. There are very strick guidelines in relation to the handling of data when it comes to evidence.

    Fortunately if you live in the UK you can get a fair trial even if you’re broke, as legal aid is quite good and you don’t have prosecutions for political reasons. The only way to get a fair trial in the US is to be financially well off.

  3. Fairly new to the site and i just started getting into your podcast lately, im enjoying it alot, keep up the good work and thanks for taking the time.

  4. Yes Dave, all it does is play games. No porn, no sexting and therefore a “kid-safe” device. And as long as the price for a game seems reasonable for a birthday- or christmas present, Nintendo will get sales.

  5. Have you guys ever played JFK Reloaded? I think an updated game with the same concept might go down well.

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