Ep. 89 – Gimme The Clap

I don't even want to try and picture how you'd get the clap from a 3DS...

This week, Tim is joined in studio by Dave, and you can cut the sexual tension with a knife. Paul is also along for the ride, and surprisingly, he is neither hungover or on his way to being hungover. Shocking. This episode:

  • Paul’s review of the 3DS
  • AT&T buys T-Mobile (that’s one way for them to get the iPhone)
  • Nvidia has a new E-Penis on the market in the form of a dual GPU GTX 590
  • New XBox in 2015? (this actually leads to a very good conversation)
  • Why won’t Duke just come already?
  • Viewer mail!

Love you.

4 thoughts on “Ep. 89 – Gimme The Clap”

  1. Wow, I’m two minutes in & it’s boys giggling, men without pants on two continents, Cock Talk & the all too obvious return to public self-abuse Alabama-Style. “Dude I have an Air Mattress with an auto mechanical inflator…yada yada…ball gag…I hate you guys.”

  2. Dang, guess I was well off on what ICC profile stuff did :/ I thought, having calibrated my monitor at a basic level it would mean any photography I looked at would be far closer to what the photographer had planned for me to see. Didn’t realise it was just related to print media. Duly noted.. Chrome FTW then!

  3. That was lotta fun listening to you guys talk cock and tech.

    I’m not sold on the 3DS either, maybe 3DS-Lite will make me want one more but for now I will pass

  4. The only reason I’d buy a 3DS is if it ran Minecraft. There is no shame in losing half a day at a time to the pointlessly harvesting of pointless blocks in a pointless landscape, bathed in the pointless square light of a pointless square sun.

    Right, you’ll have to excuse me. I have to go half-watch the pointless Formula 1 Malaysia qualifying while expanding my pointless Minecraft empire.

    PS Have I said pointless enough yet?

    PPS I have a horrible feeling Minecraft is less of a game, and more of a test for OCD. In which case I think my two dead mice (the “dig” button wore out on both!) point to the fact that I may have a slight problem in this department. Or at least I would have a problem if I could stop washing my hands and checking the fridge is shut for long enough to get it diagnosed. 😉

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