Ep. 88 – Blue Yeti Penis

Tim loves putting his mouth against the long, hard shaft of his Yeti.
You realize how phallic microphones are when you're taking pictures of them.

The Widget episode 88 in summary:

  • Paul is┬áseverely┬áhungover (more than normal)
  • New iPad (Dave STILL isn’t buying)
  • Kinect is fastest-selling consumer electronic in history (it burns us)
  • Sony has your number (well, your IP at least)
  • Stole some MS Points? BOOM! (banhammer)
  • The AMD 6990 is big enough for even the most ardent size queens (e-Penis)
  • Viewer mail (plenty)

Succinct, to the point, and best of all, I didn’t have to come up with any witty copy. Well, except for that title. C’mon: you know you love my attempts at creating fun little play-on-words show titles. Or, at least I like to think you do… you know what? Screw you, man! I’m trying here. I’m going back to my man-cave… alone… with my Blue Yeti penis…

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