Ep. 87 – My PSP Does 129

PSPs are $129, Tim
If you caught what song I'm referencing with this episode's title: Congrats, you're old.!

Tim’s losing his touch. The guy that used to be on top of every single thing in the world of games, tech, and whatever has turned into, gasp, an adult who doesn’t have the time to obsessively absorb every piece of news. No greater example of this exists than his recent purchase of a PSP. However, you’ll have to listen to find out why. Other tidbits include: new MacBook Pro models, the 3DS is out in Japan (and hacked), Sony is a bunch of bastards (not news), Paul wants to have a key party with his Wii, and we all hate the gaming media (buncha young whippersnappers).

2 thoughts on “Ep. 87 – My PSP Does 129”

  1. Great show guys, plenty of laugh out loud moments got me some funny looks on the drive in to work.
    On the browser front. I’ve tried to make Chrome my go to browser for the past year but the one thing that keeps be hanging on to FireFox is it’s support of ICC profiles. Now most probably won’t care enough about that, but with Tim usually being fastidious about his lighting and colour accuracy I thought it might be an issue?

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