Ep. 85 – The Dave Show Starring Dave

Effects of a Hangover
Hangovers suck, but they can make for funny shows. Especially when Dave is hosting.

As threatened promised, this weeks show is entirely brought to you by Dave. Topics (most of them), hosting duties, and Dave’s patent-pending levels of excitement. It’s a good thing too, as Tim and Paul are still seriously hungover from the night before. Duke Nukem Forever, Verizon iPhone (of course), XBMC being ported to iOS devices (Paul brought that one), custom PS3 firmware, and why our show isn’t like the 6 million other gaming/tech podcasts that have come after it (seriously, we checked). Record levels of viewer mail in this show as well. Thanks! ZZzzzzzzzz

2 thoughts on “Ep. 85 – The Dave Show Starring Dave”

  1. If using a USB headset, and sound quality goes to shit, try unplugging and replugging it in. There seems to be a 60 minute thing with the sound chip found in most USB headsets.

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