Ep. 84 – Steamy Spreadsheets

Steamy Savings
Paul may laugh; but secretly, he's incredibly turned on by my number pr0n

Happy New Year! With the 2010 Steam Holiday Sale behind us, we spend some time going over some of the great deals that were had by all (Tim has a spreadsheet to prove it). We also get to hear the first-hand account of the newly-minted Game Dev Story addict, Tim. Learn how to turn your new Radeon 6950 into a 6970 with nothing more than a BIOS flash. Thanks, AMD! One lonely piece of viewer mail, and a raving lunatic reviews Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Feed her.

3 thoughts on “Ep. 84 – Steamy Spreadsheets”

  1. Tim,

    WTF & Where the hell do you find the time?
    Please god no, please, don’t share your porn viewing breakdown. The spreadsheet would either be terrifying or so obviously sad I’d sneak out right now and see if I could get Chris the Tranny to throw you a mercy hook-up.

    Is there anything you can’t do with just one hand?
    MultiTaskiBating Master, GDamn Dude…

    You are the original CommandibatorTim!

    Please also mind, you’re giving away your primary self activity. Mature audiences or not, really? Let’s consider that. How mature do you think your audience is?
    There is obvious self-abusing oneself quivering in your voice during The Widget show Podcast…pretty much every hour on the hour. Can you really use this so-called Excel Therapy to cure that pesky pre-mature ejac problem? Is this activity prescribed? Traditional or New Age, Timmy’s gonna get his medicine I guess :0

    And WTF? Dave’s so goddamn mellow it seems he’s gotta be hyper focused on his member. Admirable indeed, but fairly revealing-he’s not much of a multi tasker like our Master Tim. Way to give it your full attention Dave, lube it up cause I’m concerned about you chaffing…Don’t ever change Dave. That sweet smooth mellow rolls off Dave’s Mac Smackin’ Tongue when he talks, but damn-he’s clearly exhausted from self-activity, roll over and go to sleep already Dave. Let the boys talk video cards, they’ll wake you up if Steve calls.

    Building Steam Spreadsheets with one hand on 1/2 a screen whilst windows of oily pool boys demand the bulk of your attention just proves to Paul, that poor bastard, not everyone needs 3 GPU’s and a Triple Array of 3D Monitor Janitor Porn comin’ at em to prove they know how to have a good time.

    I’m convinced Paul shops so much cause he clearly needs to be in a public place to pull off a really magnificent “self-moment”.
    Still, give Paul his due. Next year, how bout a simple, “Thank you Paul.” when he throws down for your Christmas gift boys. So giving…games, friendship, fluids. Good Dude. This leads me to the quote of the week!

    Paul gets quote of the week: “Did Santa unload is sack all over your face?”

    Wow…Feed her indeed…

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