Ep. 80 – Nerd Love Is In The Air

Paul thinks this is what our wedding will look like. It's important to note that Paul is a moron.

Hey ho, Widget buccaneers! After a goddamn lengthy hiatus, we decided to come back and do a show. Lots of stuff happened during the break. No, I’m not going to list it here. Also, I’m not going to post show notes, or what this episode is even about. The way I look at it, if you’re reading this, you likely already have an undying love for all thing The Widget, so you’re going to listen anyway. Oh, and ignore what I said about this being out on Monday. ♥

2 thoughts on “Ep. 80 – Nerd Love Is In The Air”

  1. So.. no plans to double barrel eh Tim? It’s what all the cool kids do you know 😛
    I laughed out loud so much this episode. First last night with the Granny-ring talk, enough to wake up Mrs TJ. And then again this morning on the drive in to work. Frankly you’re a liability to my health and safety!
    And if you think the nose hair on the bridge of the nose is bad wait for the ear hair.. not in the ear but growing at jaunty angles from the lobe and the tragus (yes I had to look that up!) I spend more time at the beauticians that my girlfriend, I mean fiancee, I mean wife. Erm.. I seem to have drifted off technology.. erm.. save it, save it.. erm.. Kinect and Move are going to save gaming! (PC Gaming anyway 😉 )

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