Ep. 77 – Clapping with PornTime

That's hot. Nice of Dave to let us use his picture (he's on the left).

Like you needed another reason to wank while holding your iPhone. Coming up: Jailbreaking is legal, not that we cared anyway… y’know, while I’ve got you here; aren’t you sick of the term “Jailbreak”? I mean, it was an iPhone thing at first, but now the fucking tards of the world use it to describe everything. Phrases like “Oh man, did you see my new Nokia? I Jailbroke it so I could make it suck less.” and “I think I’m going to Jailbreak my Tivo this weekend.”… ENOUGH with this shit! I liked it better when consumers were blissfully ignorant. You know: back when knowing where the command line in Windows 95 was enough for them to view you as a god. Now everyone seems to know just enough buzzwords to try and act smart, while those of us in the know shake our heads in disgust… anyway, there’s a bunch of other news, and emails and stuff too. Have fun.

7 thoughts on “Ep. 77 – Clapping with PornTime”

  1. on the matter of phones…

    A big “Fuck You!” to Motorola for locking the bootloader on the Milestone (the GSM version of the Droid) and not confirming that Android 2.2 will even arrive in Europe.

    So my 9 month old Milestone is likely to be stuck with buggy 2.1 software and a locked bootloader. No custom ROMs and no official support. So much for the “phone without compromise” and “flash ready”

    Downloading the show now, thanks guys!

  2. Just so u guys know u got another listener other then pauls mom, hahah you guys are doing a great job on the show and ive turned it to a few friends of mine and we all live in the middle of Canada in butt fuck nowhere so now u know u got listeners from up north!

  3. what was that creepy game you guys were talking about? dead children and whatnot? i would go back and listen but ive tried to find things in your show before but its impossible

  4. @Nate, you guys are going to have to go some way to get into our top three fans list though. Currently its:

    #3 : My mom.
    #2 : Tim’s new wig (just let it go gracefully Tim).
    And of course, our #1 fan is Dave’s illegitimate son Jorgey in the Philippines.

    Much love and thanks for listening. 🙂

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