Ep. 76 – Ain’t Got Time To Bleed

I bet you didn't know they were so ripped (or that Paul is a large black man).

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks of phone news mania! We BRIEFLY (so you wankers don’t accuse of being fanboys) talk about “Antennagate”, we also touch on the eFuse and the Droid X controversy, and we pour out a little for our Tim’s beloved Nexus One, as Google has announced that it is over. Up front, you’re going to get some movie reviews (no spoilers, don’t worry), and on the back, you get some emails. Now go strap on a gun and mow down a jungle.

One thought on “Ep. 76 – Ain’t Got Time To Bleed”

  1. Catching up on the podcasts today. I can attest to the new Zotac Zbox having a fan going full speed out of the box. Took your prodding and updated the bios. Now nice and quiet.

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