Ep. 67 – Holy S&%T! We Have Voicemail(s)!

Of course we have a harem of hot old operator ladies...
Of course we have a harem of hot old operator ladies...

We can’t believe it ourselves. People actually used our voicemail line, and it wasn’t just to leave angry comments about how badly Tim sucks, or how Paul is a miserable Irish bastard. Nope, they were really real questions for us. We also go over some stuff; the iPad, Apple vs. Adobe and Google, Sonic 4, Alien Sex Addict Part II (otherwise known as Mass Effect 2), and some serious talk about computer hardware. Also: Be sure to listen up for the contest to win a free game via Steam! All you have to do is insult us. No, really.

7 thoughts on “Ep. 67 – Holy S&%T! We Have Voicemail(s)!”

  1. You can look at prior versions of Google Docs and get the information on them. So if Dave deletes Hawkes’ computer, you can look at a prior version to get it. 🙂

  2. Yes my anti-CS degree rant made it to the show! NICE!

    Stupid Adobe and Flash have never agreed. Try rocking something at 50FPS, using FuseKit, Tweenlite, etc… for straight AS animations and watch your Mac flip out.

  3. 32 bit windows not being able to address more than 32^2 is not strictly true. I am hazy on the details but either windows or x86 allows for a block of addresses to be referred to from another table so that more can be used. A single application however cannot have access to more than the 3gigish limit.

    5770=4870 wrt performance. DX11 will not matter on a medium level card in it’s first generation. If you can get a 4890/4870 for less than the 5770 (which might be getting harder because of availability) it might be a good option. I would not upgrade a 4850 to a 5770. I don’t think it will be a great performance upgrade unless you want eyefinity.

  4. The 5770 running at 1920×1200, which is native for my Dell screen, is a pretty solid card to go for, especially at the price bracket. I’ve been playing everything maxed out in Dx9 land (still on XP) with 4xAA/8xAF and getting very acceptable frame rates, with a notable exception being Dawn of War II, but might be my CPU there with it being an RTS. I would imagine turning on Dx11 would have a largish impact, but as I’m getting averages around the 50-60fps mark I can’t imagine it would make anything unplayable.

  5. Bollocks, meant to say: ATI driver is working fine for me in itself, the CCC doesn’t load if I install 10.1 though, but I control it all with the MSI Afterburner and other tools anyway. If I just drop back to 9.12 though it’s all fine anyway.

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