Ep. 65 – The Scaley P***s of Steven J

To Dave, this is a true religious experience
To Dave, this is a truly religious experience

The holiday break is over, and all of the tech news and disgusting conversations we’ve been saving up in our heads while being surrounded by our families now have a release. This episode, we cover some of the wonderful, but mostly stupid, things shown at CES 2009. We spend a bit of time talking about the Nexus 1 from Google, and the rumored iSlate from Apple (of which Dave is making happy in his pants about). Games, tips on seasonal pornography, and a new app for your iPhone to document the places you’ve masturbated. Just another wholesome episode of The Widget to help kickstart your new year.

7 thoughts on “Ep. 65 – The Scaley P***s of Steven J”

  1. Wrapped up the show this morning on the drive in to work. My thoughts on the Nexus are that the consumer has no idea what ‘Android’ means.. but a phone from Google is something the common man can understand, and which has some selling power. Hopefully this will lead to more understanding of the term ‘Android’ in the same way as we have BillBoards up around Liverpool at present promoting ‘Chrome’, presumably to get the name better known before the Chrome OS is show-time.
    Oh, and with my birthday coming up next month I’m looking to finally upgrade my GFX card from that creaking X1900XT! Thinking of getting a cheap end ATI 5xxx so I can ‘see’ Dx11 whilst getting solid Dx9/10 play.. thoughts?

  2. For the guy looking for the Sim Racing game R Factor is a great sim with tons of mods for different types of racing. Oh yeah February flavor is Amateur Porn month just so you know.

    Keep up the good work.

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