Ep. 64 – It’s not a crack pipe!

Finding good stock photos of crack pipes is harder than you think
Finding good stock photos of crack pipes is harder than you think

What a week! With this semester winding down, this episode is officially 7 days late. No worries though, the info is still fresh and raunchy enough. This week, the usual gang of 3 is joined by none other than Sgt. Blogkitten, all the way from the exotic locale of downstairs. Topics this time are such wonders as Tim agonizing over a chip in the case of his new PS3, Google DNS and why it’s kind of ‘blah’, adding USB plugs to your power outlets, and Space Beer. We also answer some really great emails this week, so thanks to everyone that took the time to contact us. We’ll be back in 2010. See you on the other side.

5 thoughts on “Ep. 64 – It’s not a crack pipe!”

  1. Awesome show… who hasn’t melted plastic in an attempt to perfect a broken system?

    I may or may not have whittled a piece of wood to fix a PS2 Konami pistol… Sure I got blisters eventually, but not taking the week and half to make the pistol perfect… would have been catastrophic!

  2. First off, it was awesome to have heard from Carolyn for the first time, and not just because of the fantastic midwestern accent. Second, would this show give anyone license to refer, if just hypothetically, to any Cmdr. Tim progeny as a “chip off the old console?” Third, love the Top Gear references. Love the show, even though I’m not the most technologically or mechanically inclined dude on Earth.

  3. @Sean: Commander Tim progeny? It could happen, I suppose, but let’s hope not ;-> That goes double for O’Dwyer!

    I totally agree with you on Carolyn’s “Minnasohtah” accent, don’t cha know.

    Thanks for the comment.

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