Ep. 62 – Terrorist Recommended Headphones

We don't normally ask how Tim spends his free time...
We don't normally ask how Tim spends his free time...

It would seem the The Widget Crew™ went on a bit of a buying spree in-between shows. Every host now owns all three of the current generation game consoles (well, except Tim with his PS2.5). We give our impressions of the current state of the three of them, and how they stack up now that we’re heading towards the end of this console generation. We’re also joined by frequent guest Tim of the Flying Faustinis, who has a spiffy new pair of Grado headphones to review. Keep on rocking in Baghdad folks!

One thought on “Ep. 62 – Terrorist Recommended Headphones”

  1. Well, your audience now is college students, lonely basement masturbaters, and… a fucking mailman.

    Anyway, I’m enjoying ketting kicked in the geekballs by The Widget Show every week or so. Keep up the good work.

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