Ep. 61 – Widget 7 Launch Party!

A rare glimpse into life in the MacDragon household
You just know the Empire totally ran on Microsoft products

Windows 7! New Macs! New Android phone! New Widget! Grab hold of yourself (and those around you), and prepare for the onslaught of this week’s show. Lots of tech stuff, not much gaming. Hey, that’s how it is around here. Be sure to stick around till the end, as we read a truly disturbing (and slightly homoerotic) piece of viewer mail. We’re starting to think that we have a lot of prison inmates as subscribers… which we kind of like.

2 thoughts on “Ep. 61 – Widget 7 Launch Party!”

  1. From an entertainment standpoint Hackers was okay. No one really wants to see guys dressed in t-shirts sitting in front of a computer, scripting, coding and running cli tools.

    Emmanuel Goldstein from 2600 did work as an adviser on the film and I’d say the one thing they did get right in the film was the odd mix of people.

    Although 2600 is really not a good place to meet people that do the more illegal stuff, its largely coders/developers, engineers and random people that want to learn.

    I do hear that Manchester 2600 has the largest amount of convicted people when it comes to computer related crimes out of any UK based meeting.

    The few women I’ve met through out the years have not looked anything like Angelina Jolie, but its really not about what you look like, but what you can do and what you know.

  2. The cool thing about hackers is that it isn’t real.

    remember when Angelina Jolie is being eaten out by some nobody, you know that you would have F**Ked her off at the end of the film. She’s not that pretty and if you’re honest. Most women are not so much better looking but more trustful than her.

    Give me a women I can trust over a tart that thinks that you’ll get a hard on when she’s been eaten out in front of you.

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