Ep. 57 – The Widget Reloaded

We're back. Viva la Punch it Chewie!
We're back. Viva la Punch it Chewie!

A lot has happened since the exciting events of last week’s episode. Thankfully though, we’re quick to recover so that we may continue to bring you the fantastic world of technology and games as only we can. Join Tim, CountZer0 and Paul “Diddler” O’Dwyer as we discuss human eating robots, Jason’s almost pathetic attempt at rebuilding the Widget Virtual PC, and us trying desperately to be entertaining during a LIVE broadcast. We’ll talk to you again soon! Thanks ugys!

8 thoughts on “Ep. 57 – The Widget Reloaded”

  1. Nice to hear you guys back in action 🙂 It’s great that you kept the old funky theme, and CountZer0 is to PCs as CommanderTim is to new, overhyped computer games.

    PS: The segment about the human eating robots, actually reminded me of Sean Kennedy and gang of RantRadio. Not sure why, but that came to mind.

    Overall, awesome show.

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