Widget TV Ep.1 : Tim’s Retro Corner

Time for another Widget grand experiment. Ever since we finished The Widget 2005 Videogame Awards Show, we’ve had various requests that basically all said the same thing; do more video! And why not? We have all this video equipment lying around, why not put it to good use? So we hatched an idea… and Widget TV was born!

Widget TV is everything you love (or hate) about the podcast, but instead of just talking about the weeks news, we also include sketches, reviews, and pretty much any geeked out things we want to film. But much like our podcast, it’s delivered with that special Widget twist.

In this first episode of Widget TV, we focus on what used to be a small segment of the audio show; Tim’s Retro Corner. And to kick things off, we talk about a system that’s near and dear to Tim’s small black heart. Yes folks, the Sega Genesis. So kick back, watch the video, and let us know what you think. We’ve got some great things planned for this new Widget TV project, and we’re looking for your feedback! Send over your suggestions, your comments, and your hate mail to the usual address; feedback (at) thewidgetshow.com (take that spambots!). Enjoy.

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