Ep. 39 – The Widget Summit

And here it is, the largest gathering of Widget cast members in one place at one time. This week, join Tim, Zane, Ryan, Jym and Garrett in studio. And, all the way from merry olde England, we have Kurt and CountZer0! Yes, that’s right, the Quest for CountZer0 has met with success! Topics this week include “Nipplegate” for the new Tomb Raider game, a brief mention of Boot Camp for Intel Macs, and a sprinkling of tech and gaming related goodness. Plus, we get a visit from a random Widget fan, and make a really cool announcement regarding future call-ins. Now, one thing to mention, this weeks episode is truly intended for MATURE AUDIENCES! Seriously. There is plenty of totally offensive content contained in this particular episode. You have been warned.