Ep. 24 – Peace on earth… but not on The Widget.

Happy holidays everybody! This week, The Widget comes to you in the full holiday swing with talk about the perfect geek gifts, and that leads to talk about PSP vs. DS, Jack Thompson buying shares in Take Two, proper sound system setup, and how to choose the perfect LCD. And of course, tons of bickering about petty topics, but thats why you love us, right? Plus, as usual, we read some of the more interesting pieces of “viewer mail”, and Zane reminisces about the now defunct Sega Channel.

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This weeks outro music is from the The 8bitpeoples : The 8bits of Christmas album. The song is Let It Snow by Bit Shifter, and was created using a Game Boy sound chip.
For more info on the group, and to download this album for free, click here.

BTW, our new intro music (I’m sure you noticed) was done by M. Edward Chauvette. Big thanks to him for giving us some awesome new music (that we own now)!

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