Ep. 21 – MMORPG Wackiness!

Yo Widgeteers! This week we talk alot about one of Zane’s favorite types of PC games, MMPROGs….er, I mean MMORPGs. We mention a bit about some of the major upcoming MMORPGs, including the new Conan game, and how Zane loves medieval times because of dragons and stuff. Zane also spends a good chunk of time trying to convince Tim to give in to the addiction of WOW, now that Mike has been caught in it’s grasp. Tim goes on a rant about a Firefox video he saw, and how the bias sucks. Also, we talk about some of the new games we’ve been playing for the XBox 360, Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland and Ridge Racer 6. Plus, we have Tim’s Retro Corner focusing on the history of Ridge Racer, and of course, listener mail. All this and more in this weeks episode of The Widget!

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This weeks outro music is ‘Fire & Zane’ by Mike Mustizer (IndieMike), our first piece of original music for The Widget, and it’s AWESOME.

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