Ep. 17 – Call-A-Thon

Once again we bring you the ever popular Widget Call-In Show! This week we had a pretty hefty list of callers, everyone from Widget Superfan Scoopula to “our only female listener” BlogKitten. We talk about a little bit of everything this week, from Sony’s Rootkit debacle, New York making unsecure WiFi illegal, the Jellyfish Cocktail, and way to much to list here. But that’s why we welcome back the return of the show notes! Head on over to our forum and look under The Widget News section for the show notes, which will be included in each show’s post. That’s it for now gang, hope to talk to you all again for the next call-in show.

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This weeks outro music is Road Rash ‘sierra nevada-tan’ by analoq.
Click here for song info.

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