Ep. 15 – An Englishman, a German, and The Widget walk into a bar…

…now stop me if you’ve heard this one.

This week we give you the first ever LIVE call-in show! So aside from the general tech news, we also get to hear from Widgetheads and forum members CountZero and Scoopula. Topics range from talk about Half-Life 2, how CountZero doesn’t wear white, XBox 360 complaints, Scoopula’s report from the floor of the Fargo Fantastic Film Festival, his meeting with Kevin Sorbo (where he asks him the age old question), live-action D&D players, the super neat new lightbulb technology, and a tons more. Listen, love, and make sure you’re there for the next time we try to pull this off.

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This weeks outro music is ‘Woodman’ theme from Mega Man 2, performed by Project X.
Click here to visit the Project X homepage.

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