Ep. 14 – Along Came A Karza…

Heya Widgetheads! This week we are coming at you from Gamerzlan in Watertown, New York, with our special guest Karza. This week our topics include (of course) Apple’s introduction of the new iPod (with video) alongside a spanking new iMac. Also, the upcoming glut of games including Serious Sam 2, Quake 4, and the hotly anticipated FEAR. Karza gives us a preview of his plan on how to revolutionize pen and paper role-playing games by using technology, the classic Powerbook scam, ATI’s new OpenGL tweaks, Nintendo’s lifting of the MSRP for the Gamecube, and lots more. Don’t crowd people, there’s plenty of Widget goodness to go around!

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The outro music for this episode is ‘The Worf Song’ by DarkMateria.
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