Ep. 12 – The Widget Pandemic

Hola Widget population! This week The Widget Krew is reunited in the same room once again to bring you the tech happenings as only we can deliver (well I’m sure anybody can do it, but I digress). Anyways, this week Tim is down with a case of the flu, but that didn’t stop him from taking yet another trip into insanity. This week we cover the *Da Da DAAAA* HD-DVD news of the week, how to buff your iPod, the newly announced $100 laptop littered with Google goodness, Dell’s move to luxury PCs (with leather interiors), Day of Defeat : Source reviewed… well… kinda, Call of Duty 2 demo reviewed… sorta, Ryan’s fashion sense, and of course your viewer mail! Yes! Totally fantastic! Ending every sentence with exclamation points! All this and more in this episode of The Widget!

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The outro music for this episode is ‘Try To Star’ performed by Live House S.S.H.

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