Ep. 11 – Three Inches

Heya Widget-heads! Sorry about the delay, ol’ Tim’s weekend was jammed packed with activities that prevented him from getting the show out sooner. But enough with the third-person speak, this is about Episode 11 dammit! This week, we talk about how awesome our fanbase is for making our forum such a great success. Also, we give a hint about our possible future guest, that maybe we can talk into coming on… plus, the alleged leaked Revolution specs, why PC gaming may be dying, our review of the Serious Sam 2 demo, a long-winded discussion about cell phone providers, and how Tim completed OutRun 2 pissed off his arse. All this and more in Episode 11: 3 Inches From The Edge!

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The outro music for this episode is Castlevania ‘Wicked Six’ by Sixto Sounds.
Click here for song info.

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