Ep.5A – I’m David Lawrence, bitch!

Captains log; supplemental. We’ve been trapped out here on the fringes of the podcasting galaxy for five weeks now. Crew morale is high, and so is our subscription count. We seem to have a come across a lifeform calling itself “David Lawrence”, host of Online Tonight, The David Lawrence Show, and Net Music Countdown. Due to our overwhelming thirst for knowledge about all things, we sat down to interview this being over our ultra-sophisticated communication device, some would refer to as “the phone”. Topics of conversation include his voice work for the upcoming XBox 360 game Saint’s Row, videogames and the first amendment, his bout with Roller Coaster Tycoon addiction, Mash-up’s and the legal music download revolution, and the age old question, Pirate vs. Ninja. Enjoy.

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The music you hear in the background of the intro and outro is ‘Raveinthemirrormaze’ by Frank Keller.
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