Ep.5 – The Sleepy Tech Show

Episode 5 coming at you! For this wonderful week of The Widget goodness, we cover the new, more Tim approved price, GeForce 7800GT. Also (because that wouldn’t be a very long show) Ryan reports on how Blu-Ray is taking over, the new nVidia Dual 16x SLI boards, Zane’s beef with Quake 4, and a pinch of Tim’s Retro Corner where he explains why he just wants to ROTT. Please place your tray tables in their upright and locked position, The Widget is about to take off.

Ep. 5 Links
Buddy’s (Tim’s dog) MySpace
DTV: Internet TV Player (Mac OSX only)
Aleph One: The Marathon Ports
Rise Of The Triad (one of Tim’s favorite games of all time)

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The outro music for this episode is ‘Holy Orders (Be Just Or Be Dead)’ from Guilty Gear X. Song performed by Live House S.S.H..

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